Key Duplication for your Online Business

Adding key duplication to your business

There are lots of reasons to add key duplication to your businesses workflow. Maybe you run a cleaning service, a dog walking service, a diaper service, or a delivery service that requires access to your customer's home. Or maybe you're the local garbage company, and you need access to residential gates.

Here's a list of ways you can integrate Keys Duplicated, starting from very low effort integration all the way to full API integration.

  1. No Integration
  2. Custom Widget
  3. Embedded Widget
  4. API

No Integration

Ask your customers to send you keys via Here is an example of what a signup flow or email could look like for a delivery service:

If you would like our delivery person to leave the package inside your front gate, please send us a key via Keys Duplicated. Submit your key on their website with your name. Then fill out the order form with the following information:

Number of Copies: 1

Shipping Information:
Our Delivery Business Inc.
100 Shipping Way
San Francisco CA, 94110

This service will cost $6.

This is the easiest approach. It lets you try out Keys Duplicated without investing time in a deep integration.

Custom Ordering Page

You can ask us for a custom key duplication page that's similar to the dialog box on, but with your branding. That page won't require your users to enter their email address, credit card information, or your shipping address. We bill you directly for the service instead of your customers.

Here's an example of a custom widget for our favorite dog walking service.

This solution is great if you want to quickly add key duplication to your service without a full API integration. We'd like you to guarantee a minimum of 10 key orders per month.

A Custom Widget on your Site

This is similar to the custom ordering page, except it's more tightly integrated into your web page.

Contact us to learn more about this solution.

API Integration

Your app or website can call directly into our API to request copies of keys. This integration fits most seamlessly with your current business flow, but it requires a little bit of programming. Here is the API call:

curl -u '' \
 -d 'image0=' \
 -d 'image1=' \
 -d 'name=A test key!' \
 -d 'ship-name=Ali Rahimi' \
 -d 'ship-address=320 Pioneer Way' \
 -d 'ship-address2=' \
 -d 'ship-city=Mountain View' \
 -d 'ship-state=CA' \
 -d 'ship-zip=94704' \
 -d 'ncopies=2' \

For login credentials, you can use the KeysDuplicated test account (the username is “” and the password is “test“) with HTTP Basic Auth (you’ll probably want your own account eventually. The remaining arguments supply two URLs for the photos of the key, a nickname for the key, the shipping information, and the number of copies you’d like. The call returns a JSON object with a unique id for the key, or in case of error, a JSON object with a non-empty error field. This call handles the billing as well.

Getting Started

Contact us! We'd love to hear from you if you're about to try any of these integrations. Drop us a note, bounce ideas off of us, set up billing, get technical help, or just say hello.