What's on the labels

What's on the labels

Outline of the teeth. This helps us match up envelopes, labels, and keys in case the production pipeline falls out of synch.

Cutcode. The key blank (Schlage SC1 in this case), and the cut number for each tooth. 0 is the shallowest cut, and 9 is the deepest.

Subject line of your email. Whatever you print on your email's subject line appears here. This is handy when you order several keys from us at once.

Key id. The second number is the id of the robot that cut this key. The first number is the number of keys the robot has cut so far that day. We use these numbers to match envelopes to keys.

Cut depths. The distance between the root line and the bottom of each tooth, in millimeters. We measure some keys by hand to verify the calibration of the cutter and of the analysis software.