Your Key is Secure

Every day, hundreds of people choose to get their keys copied with Keys Duplicated. Sure, it sounds a little scary at first, but so was the now commonplace practice of entering your credit card information online back in the day. That's why we take extreme precautions to ensure the security of your keys and personal information. Meet the folks who cut your keys.

Worried about surreptitious duplication?

It's always been unwise to leave your keys unattended. Someone could imprint them on clay or measure them with a key gauge then copy them at a hardware store. A person with nefarious intent is more likely to choose these methods over Keys Duplicated because:

But if you're still concerned, here are some tips to stop unwanted key duplication.

We don't store your address

Your shipping information is redacted from our system a few days after we ship your key. That way, no one (including us) can associate your key with your address. Other information about your order is stored under bank-grade cryptography.

The US postal service is the safest way to send keys

Your mail slot is a safe place to receive your key when you are the only one who can access it. If you're worried about other people accessing your mail box, have us mail you at your workplace. Or maybe you're duplicating keys for a friend who's visiting? Then just have us send the key to them directly!

Keys Duplicated cooperates in full with requests from law enforcement. If you are a law enforcement official and have questions about our service, please contact us at