I work in machine learning. I devise very fast and easy to implement randomized algorithms that solve complicated learning tasks. A good example of this is my work with Ben Recht and Joseph Bradley on Random Kitchen Sinks.

But most of my technological contributions have been outside of machine learning. With the help of Marcus Bains, I invented the Marcus Bains Line, which now appears in most calendaring software. I also invented the old school telephone handset for cell phones, useless but very popular accessory. I've also built a fast and accurate vision-based object recognition system that is being used by Intel and various research groups outside of Intel.


I have a common name. I am not Ali Rahimi, the 3D fantasy graphic artist, the cartoonist who drew the picture of israel slaughtering a palestinian, the designer who makes clothes for celebrities, the doctor who gets interviewed on youth issues, nor der Ostereicher teppishmeister, though I wish I had their talent.